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Frequently asked questions:


Do we work directly with clients?

Yes, we work in all capacities, both directly with private clients, or through other design firms.


Do we sell our work through a gallery / showroom?

At the moment we are unaffiliated with any one gallery or showroom. We do however exhibit in galleries, pop-ups, and trade shows from time to time.


Do we make site visits?  and is there a fee?

We do.  and yes there is a fee for this service. A site visits is a consultation in which a client can gain quite a bit of insight on a potential project. A general visit will include 1.5 hours of time to be used in the most constructive way depending on the project, and is currently billed at a flat fee (within the NYC metropolitan area) of 150,  plus travel expenses.


Where do we buy our materials from?

We rely on a number of local sources for all of our materials, hardwoods, metals, glass, fabric, etc. (and yes, some of these sources are closely kept secrets).  


Can we fabricate from your designs?

We certainly can. If you have legible, accurate documents from which we can work, this is no problem. However, your design, is your responsibility. If you require assistance in creating documents, or finalizing your design, we will need to consult with you in this capacity first, for which fees will apply. We bill for design consultations at 100 per hour, with a minimum of 1.5 hours. 

Tel:   646   331  zero 649


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63  Flushing Ave, bldg 5  ste 311

Brooklyn, NY 11205

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